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(9633 Sound Design)

Dimitri Pike/Wildtek

DJ - Producer - Remixer 
Sound Designer for cultural and creative industries

References :

Mirage Records (France), Matrix Records (Detroit-USA),
Subject Detroit (Detroit-USA), Detroit Techno Militia (Detroit-USA), Mathematics (Chicago-USA), Tresor Club (Berlin-DE),
Diffuse Reality (Argentina), more...

Original picture by Marie Staggat (313 One Love)
Detroit Public Library (USA) - May 2016

Dimitri Pike - Wildtek

Aurora Borealis

Created with Reaper for "A" introduction track.

Wildtek Studio

Wildtek Studio

Creating systems or sound environments to work with sound properties...
Using a combination of hardware and software to enhance possibilities...
Keeping modularity and versatility to explore new territories...

24 Bits/48Khz
Recording/Production/Sound Design

9633 Sound Design

Sound Design for cultural and creative industries including cinema, motion graphics, applications, multimedia projects... Audio restoration, edition, ...
Field and foley recording, sample packs, audio fashion...

Sound Design tools:

Avid Pro Tools 
Ableton Live 
Vegas Pro

NI Reaktor

VCV Rack 
Integra Live

Touch OSC 

9633 Sound Design


Created with Vegas Pro. 

Temple Caché - Bouteille

Created with Pro Tools

Reaktor PolAr Synthesizer


PolAr is a Native Instruments Reaktor synthesizer made to recreate polar winds and air movements typical of the Arctic geographic area and associated weather.

Actually in early "Alpha" stage (Version 1.1), its main purpose has already been tested on videos about the Arctic in which a proper and controlled wind noise was needed.

Beta stage : a carefully crafted interface along a dedicated TouchOSC template for both iPhone and iPad making PolAr a fully created and mastered sound design tool.

With the help of Ableton Connection Kit / Max For Live, PolAr is now connected to live weather updates from the North Cape (Norway) and even the North Pole so its various controls react to live weather data changes.

Welcome to the future of Wildtek/Arctic Cycles...

Arctic Cycles

Arctic Cycles

Arctic Cycles is an electronic music project born from a deep fascination for northern territories of planet earth.

Inspired by nature and its beauty, Arctic Cycles care about its preservation and documentation.

Conscient of the different cultures that can be met up north, Arctic Cycles is as well a cultural exchange.

Respectful of the environment, Arctic Cycles is actively supporting ecologic alternatives.

Futuristic in its core, Arctic Cycles is open to changes and evolutions.

Up North!

More informations and dedicated blog coming soon...

Arctic Circle

Human Footprints

Ursus Maritimus

Book Tower - Detroit (USA)

Awakening LP

From the darkness, there's no way back
Change, progress, evolution, revolution
Where are you? Where are we? Where am I?
Somewhere, nowhere, everywhere
I can't hear anything, I can't see anything
Lost forever inside frequencies

Dedicated to Lola.
We are together until your last whisper my little dog.

Wildtek @ iTunes
Teknology Radio Show


Deep Space Radio - Detroit (USA)

Every Monday, 18 PM EST,  supporting the very best of worldwide electronic music.

9633 Sound Design


Professional Audio Services

Professional audio services company providing top quality sounds for cinema, motion design, apps...

Arctic Cycles


Up North...

Wildtek biggest project to date joining sound design, cultural awakening and nature preservation...

Gumroad Shop


Internet shop

A place where to find free music tools and  sample packs. All carefully crafted @ Wildtek Studio.