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Teknology Radio Show - October 2023 Playlist


2 Hours / Monthly

Since October 26th, 2023...
Teknology Radio Show has reemerged with a new approach. 

This monthly two-hour radio show is set to curate an eclectic array of high-quality electronic music. In addition, there's an exciting new VLOG on the horizon, designed to provide our audience with an immersive journey into the world of music. 

The VLOG will offer an intimate glimpse behind the scenes, a chance to get better acquainted with our guest DJs, and even the opportunity to explore some of our favorite record shops where we lose ourselves in the quest for that perfect track!



Dimitri Pike "escape"


Dimitri Pike's latest album emerged from the depths of a profoundly intricate chapter in his life, marked by the heart-wrenching departure of his cherished companion, Lola, as she bid farewell to our world and embarked on a celestial journey among the stars. 

Lola had always been more than just a pet; she was a steadfast partner, a wellspring of unwavering strength, an endless source of inspiration, and, above all, the embodiment of the purest and most profound love that can flourish between two kindred solitary souls. 

It was on the 14th of February 2023 at 14 PM, a day synonymous with love for many, that Lola departed this earthly realm, forever casting a shadow over Dimitri's world.

Coming early 2024...

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