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Arctic Cycles is a side project of Wildtek, like a sub-label with its own references, designs/illustrations, projects and partners.

Where Arctic Cycles has to go deeper, it’s deep in its relationship with nature, environment, energy consumption, supported causes and even education. Especially related to the arctic polar region.

That means:

Nature: Recording sounds offered by the nature surrounding us and uses these recordings as working audio material. Or, recreate these sounds using analog and/or digital synthesis.

Environment: Respecting every places and sight we might spend time at in order to record these sounds, the “leave no trace” rule.

Energy consumption: Using as little energy consuming gadgets as possible in order to record, create, edit and produce sounds. Finding alternative clean energy sources.

Supported causes: Promoting our artistic actions and creations to causes, defenders and other organizations/foundations we believe in.

Education: Transmitting our knowledge and passion to younger generations.


Artistically, even if fully centered on the arctic ocean and surrounding regions as inspiration and conceptual idea, every kind of qualitative electronic music genre might be approached.

From ambient to experimental IDM to minimal techno or dark electro…

Electronic music cycles will define the tracks to come on Arctic Cycles and graphics/illustrations will be specially created to fit with the releases.


Hybrid of a live performance and a DJ Set, AC LIVE is bringing the sound from Arctic Cycles to enthusiast audiences.

AC LIVE will be on tour through 2019/2020 in Scandinavian countries for a very special kind of journey to the North Cape including dedicated times as close as possible to the nature with camping, hiking/trekking and kayaking activities.

AC MIX 01 - Circles of influence

A first DJ mix introducing Arctic Cycles roots in Techno, Ambient, IDM... Lot of dynamic, some emotive moments, some more cold and almost experimental...

AC STREAM 01 - Snow Camouflage

A first live streaming to introduce unheard Arctic Cycles material played along some more influences like those discovered through AC MIX 01 "Circles Of Influence"...

Dots are date and time, more informations soon.

AC STREAM 01 - Snow Camouflage


Since Arctic Cycles is a nomad project with a strong relation to nature and travel, WILDTREKS came as a cool extension of WILDTEK...

WILDTREKS is a Wordpress blog made to document how this project was born, how it evolves and where it will go... Obviously a project like this is not cheap...

So, the blog may use affiliate links sometimes, sell some of the music of course and if some people want to follow this adventure, or maybe if they want to help...

WILDTREKS is the place where to go and find all informations. 


Blog activity is totally random and follow ongoing evolutions of the poject... It's like a live status update with tons of content a day and nothing for 2 weeks... Or the opposite...


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