PolAr Synthesizer
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Reaktor synthesizer created for Wildtek/Arctic Cycles sound design and audio production.

PolAr is a Native Instruments Reaktor synthesizer made to recreate polar winds and air movements typical of the Arctic geographic area and associated weather.

Actually in early "Alpha" stage (Version 1.1), its main purpose has already been tested on videos about the Arctic in which a proper and controlled wind noise was needed.

See below: Aurora Borealis

The final version of PolAr synthesizer includes a full suite of tools in order to make it a working element with three main missions :

- Music Production

- Sound Design

- Exhibition/Installations

Along a carefully crafted interface, a dedicated TouchOSC template for iPhone is available for live remote control. And with the help of Ableton Connection Kit / Max For Live, PolAr is now connected to live weather updates from anywhere in the Arctic geographic area like the North Cape (Norway) or even the North Pole so its various controls react to live weather data changes through an API.

Welcome to the future of Wildtek/Arctic Cycles...

More to come!